Created in the Fifties, the Company Campeol specialized over the years on the market of Potato.
Established in 25 countries of the European Union, Campeol exceeded the borders of them.
We work today with inter alia, Russia, the Middle-East or North Africa.
Since one year, CAMPEOL has launched on the market her vegetables range, to supplement its offer. (Leeks, Cauliflowers, carrots… etc)

An ultra-modern packaging unit

Investment of 4.8 M€ , made in 2005, to be :



  - In line with the needs of the market
  - Efficient (5 packaging lines)
  - Competitive (excellent value for money)
  - Predominant (in cost terms)
  - Innovative (through differentiation).






4000 m² devoted to potatoes :

  •  Strategic location
    • close to the major motorways
    • in the middle of the
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